Friday, December 5, 2014

Lewes Ferry

Heading home.  We took the Lewes Ferry from Lewes, Delaware to Cape May, New Jersey.  Tried to find a whale or a dolphin but they must be resting somewhere warm.  Saw a lot of sea gulls!  Enjoy the view. 


Orion splashed down off the coast of the Baha Pennisula in California.  NASA has achieved a major milestones towards Mars in 2020!

Crew Module Separation

The Orion Crew Module has seperated successfully at 39 miles above the Earth. Splashdown in just under an hour!
View of Earth from Orion

   Orion Crew Module Separation
Mission Control the map on the screen shows the location of Orion throughout its 2.5 orbit journey through space.  

Orion Lifts Off!

Today at 7:05AM Orion had a successful lift off from Florida's Cape Canaveral Space Center.  My family and I watch the launch along with NASA Langley Engineers and Scientists.  It was incredible to witness history with the people instrumental in the creation of Orion.  The heat shield will be transported back to NASA Langley to be studied for the next flight. NASA hopes to send the first astronauts to Mars in 2020!  Can you believe astronauts will take their first steps on another planet in our lifetime?  I can't wait to share everything I learned with you next week!! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Launch Aborted

Well the Orion Launch was aborted today.  We are going to take a tour of the Virginia Air and Space Museum.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow's rescheduled launch!

Still Waiting

4th times a charm!  The Orion Launch has been aborted three this morning.  The first time for a rogue boat, second time for ground winds and the third time for three open oxygen and gas tank valves.  Fingers crossed for launch in the next fifteen minutes or it will be moved to Friday.  In the meantime the Elf on a Shelf has been taking magic pictures!  


Live from the Virginia Air and Space Museum with NASA Langley to watch the 
Orion Spacecraft launch.  History in the making.  Feel very lucky to be part of this incredible milestone for NASA! 

Elf Meets NASA

Our Elf on a Shelf was found at NASA Langley! Check out his adventures!!! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Asteroid Lab

NASA Langley is in the running to develop a control system to capture a 10mm Boulder from an asteroid.  Fingers crossed they are chose on December 16th!

Lunar Landing Research Facility

Astronauts practice landings from the gantry 150 feet high. Most lunar landing simulations took place at night with low level light to simulate the craters on the moon.  

The Crash Impact Facility simulates different impact scenarios.  Aircrafts can be rigged up to simulate controlled crashes. Information acquired through these tests helps engineers make necessary changes to keep people safe. The military recently used this facility to test their black hawk helicopters.

Initially, in 2008 NASA planned to have Orion have a land landing.  Airbag testing took place to test the center of gravity of the capsule. 

A Hydro Impact Basin has been added to simulate water landings for Orion.  The capsule must be thrown from the gantry 
to simulate splash testing.  The water level in the HIB decreases by 2 inches with each impact test. Practice to recover Orion took place at this facility. Langley tested the boiler plate to determine the pressure on the exterior of the capsule from different angles. Water and wind impact were also tested to determine the best angle to enter the ocean.

Richard Petty donated a car for a soft wall impact too! 

Noise Reduction

Any type of flight that creates a super sonic boom is not permitted over the United States.  This Noise Reduction Center researches ways to lessen aeronautic noise. 

I Made It!

I made it to Langley!!!

On My Way!

Up bright and early heading to NASA Langley!  Can't wait to share my adventure with you all!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Following the Rain

It takes 7 hours to drive from Paramus, New Jersey to Newport News, Virginia.  Mother Nature is keeping the ride interesting.  Following the rain all the way down I-95 South.  

NASA Langley or Bust!

On my way to NASA Social at NASA Langley!  So excited for this adventure to begin! Make sure to check in tomorrow for live pictures from NASA!!!


     Today we received our Weatherboy Yardstick Prize Pack!  We are so excited to measure the weather together!  You can follow our weather reports at the links below.

 Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!